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                Opperskalski:Electromobity - The new mobility in Germany. Technical and culture aspects


                Electromobity - The new mobility in Germany. Technical and culture aspects





                主講人:Prof. Dr.-Ing Hartmut Opperskalski                                      


                Brief introduction of the speaker:

                Prof. Opperskalski comes from University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern in Germany. He is short-termly employed as the School of Electrical Engineering’s foreign expert teacher now and the head of the institute of Energy Efficient Systems in Kaiserslautern.


                Brief content:

                1.        The two German inventions that the worldwide mobility on streets by cars based on

                2.        The development of vehicles with combustion motors

                3.        Under the perspective of carbon emission reduction electrical cars offer a solution

                This presentation will give some aspects of the German point of view.